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Previsualization - Previz studio based in Bangalore, India:

Storyboards can communicate, but previsualization creates.

Previz (also known as, pre-visualization, pre-vis, pre vis, pre viz, pre-viz, previs, previsualization or animatics) to describe a technique in which digital technology aids the planning and efficiency of shot creation during the filmmaking process. It involves using computer graphics to create rough versions of the more complex shots in a movie sequence, ad film, cartoon animation or a presnetation. The rough graphics might be edited together along with temporary music and even dialogue by our expert previs artist. Some pre-viz can look like simple grey shapes representing the characters or elements in a scene, while other pre-vis can be sophisticated enough to look like a modern video game.

Bellow you can see a sample of our Previsualization(Previz) work,


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